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Dieting. Usually, when we hear that word, a cringe accompanies it. Visions of meal restrictions, supplements, and counting calories fill our head. The other frustrating thing is that for a man over 40, the diets and exercise programs that had worked for us in the past no longer seem as efficient, or the results seem painfully short-lived.

TestMax Nutrition is a nutritional program that was created by YouTube sensation Clark Bartram. Through personal experience, he had realized that regardless of his attempts to lose weight and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, he found himself continually falling short. He struggled for a while with concerns that he was not putting enough effort into his workouts, or that he was simply too old to hope to achieve the results he had in his youth.

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Instead of acquiescing to his new reality, he began to record the physical effects that certain foods had on his body. After countless hours of research, the TestMax meals system was formed.

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Instead of a traditional diet, where you maintain program standards for a set amount of time and then resume eating as usual, TestMax Nutrition is a new way to live your life. The foods and meals approved by the program are proven to give men the ability to lose weight again and build muscle, along with regaining lost energy.

As opposed to a traditional diet, you’re not going to focus on counting calories or obsessively watching what you eat; you will enjoy each delicious, hearty meal. You may even find that you are eating more than ever before, and enjoying everything you eat while simultaneously watching the excess weight melt away.

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While the meat of the program is 90 days long, TestMax meals is meant to be a guide to help you learn how to implement what you learn into the rest of your life, making TestMax Nutrition not a diet, but a lifestyle.

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